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St. Petersburg Florida USA


To become a Prophet (member of a Grotto) you must be a Master Mason in good standing.

If you are interested in joining the Fellowship offered by Selama Grotto you can print the application here


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It's Great to Be a Grotto Member

The Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm, whose subordinate bodies are the GROTTOES, is an organization by and for Master Masons.

Its purpose is to bring a quality of SYMPATHY and GOOD FELLOWSHIP into life, not only to member Prophets, but to everybody. An atmosphere of good, clean fun and frolic prevails at all times.

While in no way connected with Masonry proper, its membership is restricted absolutely and exclusively to Master Masons in good standing.

Although it is an organization for good wholesome fun and frolic, it also has its serious side. Its slogan is GOOD FELLOWSHIP, and in contact with our fellow man, this principle is exemplified to a marked degree.

The Humanitarian Foundation, founded in 1949 by the GROTTO'S Supreme Council, has two important projects. First, research for the cause and cure of Cerebral Palsy. Second, Dental Care for Children with Special Needs.

The official emblem of the Grotto is a Black Fez with a Mokanna Head in the center and the name of the wearer's Grotto.

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