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Stated meetings second Wednesday each month (we do not go dark)

Dinner at 6:30, meeting at 7:30 pm

Board of Directors fourth Tuesday each month at 7:00 pm (no meal)

 The purpose of the Board is to do preliminary work on new ideas, discuss and hash things out.

So when we get to the stated meeting we can be better informed, and can make better and faster decisions.

The Elected Officers are:

Monarch = presides over the stated and board meetings

Chief Justice = second in charge, in line to be Monarch next year. Is in charge of Enchanted Lantern program and the Children's Christmas party.

Master of Ceremonies = third in line, in charge of pomp and circumstance and calendar events.

Venerable Prophet = fourth in line, in charge of refreshments (dinners).

Secretary and Treasurer are also elected.

Appointed Officers include:

Marshall, Chaplain, Captain of the Guard, and Sentinel.

 Our charity: Dentistry for the Handicapped.

Cerebral Palsy and other handicapped children often have severe dental problems.

One of the challenges these families face is finding a dentist who will treat the child. We connect the family with the dentist. And pay any expenses not covered by their insurance. We cover the child until age 18.

 Enchanted Lanterns:

To support this we have the Humanitarian Foundation. They have a fund that only the interest from the fund may be used for these dental expenses. That means the fund will always be there and growing.

The fund grows by selling Enchanted Lanterns. For a tax deductible $50.00 donation you are considered to have purchased an Enchanted Lantern. You get a certificate and an EL pin for your Fez. Many prophets have bought multiple lanterns over the years.

 The Grotto has groups or clubs called Units.

The Past Monarchs Unit is comprised of the Past Monarchs of Selama Grotto.

The Jokers Unit is our parade unit, all may join and participate in our parade activities.

The Cast Unit is responsible for performing our initiation ceremony (twice a year). All may join and participate.

 We have many other special events and activities throughout the year.

 Nominations for elected officers is done at the November meeting, with Elections at the December meeting.

 Dues are $30.00 per year plus a $3.00 assessment for the national magazine. And if you have not purchased an Enchanted Lantern there is an additional $1.00 fee.

 The governing body is the Supreme Council MOVPER of Grottoes of North America

 Local website for Selama Grotto (lots of stuff there)

 Contact Information

Bruce Ward P.M.

Secretary Selama Grotto

3000 16 St. No.

St. Petersburg, FL 33704


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